We make the most of the operational costs of our customers by performing the time and / or mileage periodical maintenance of all electric and diesel railway chides in the most effective way. While carrying out these works, our reference point is international and nationals standards, manuals prepared by manufacturers of railway vehicles and the feedback rom companies. With our staff with more than 15 years of experience, we allow your railway vehicles to serve you with a long life in safety. We continue to provide services in accordance with all environment and occupational safety regulations in international quality standards as the first local company having ECM (Entity n Charge of Maintenance) certificate given by ERA (European Railway Agency) for High Speed Trains.


We guarantee safe and uninterrupted transport with our experienced personnel for the urgent interventions that railway vehicles may need during commercial services.



With our experienced team on the detection and elimination of operational and / or systemic faults, we ensure that trains can be returned to operation as soon as possible.



In addition to periodic maintenance, we offer turnkey solutions to our customers in corrective actions such as damage repairs, train body repairs and painting.



In the framework of international standards with our team who had all state-of-the-art equipment and all required certificates, we are able to perform tests as magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic inspection, dimensional verification and also supply all their reportings.



We carry out general revisions of railway vehicles and equipments which serve for many years with our trained personnel. We are ware of that the length of time spent by train sets in heavy maintenance is an additional cost for businesses. For this reason, we provide the safest way of commercial servicing of railway vehicles by completing the revisions of brake systems, bogie systems, ceramics and similar main components of railway vehicles at optimum times.



In addition of our basic services, we can obtain all necessary spare parts and supply of professional equipment required for the system user for railway vehicles


TMS Technic Electric Motors Maintenance / Repair

TMS Tren Maintenance and Repair Inc. Our company is located in Başkent OSB / Ankara, on an area of ​​3,500 square meters, with a production area of ​​1,515 square meters and administrative departments of 700 square meters;

1.Traction(cer) motors used in rail systems and components on other trains and components on other trains,

2.It serves in AC, DC, Torque, Servo, Spindle and other motor types used in industrial systems.

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