Always to make you feel comfortable and safe,we work all day and night. It is all for you to reach the place you want to go safely.

We offer turnkey solutions with qualified, experienced and innovative staff in maintenance and repair services so that our customers can concentrate on what they do best. We use this expertise in this context to increase productivity and continuously to improve our quality standards in maintenance.

We are proud to be the company which, for the first time in Turkey, has the capability to carry out the maintenance and repair services of High Speed Trains in international standards.

Besides all of these, we work for realizing maintenance and repair activities at the top level in Turkey with our advanced engineering services and railway vehicles spare part supplies needed by the sector.



As a %100 local firm, we ait at being a company that steers the wheel for maintenance and repair activities in national and internatilonal platforms. To realize this, we focus our energy on the titles below.

A mission of which every employee of us is a part.

To establish an understandable, achievable, innovative, sustainable system and provide contiunity of safe, comfortable transportation.


To evaluate our work force and resources in the most effective way and as a result, to present cost effective solutions to our customers.

To create a company culture to which all our employees will feel they belong.

The only way to realize all of these targets is adoption of this company and its targets by all TMS workers from management board members to trainees. We are a professional team which knows no success can be achieved by one person. We transfer this culture to every individual joining among us.


A young, dynamic, innovative team with high awareness lies under our success.

Instead of a clumsy corporate structure, a fast organization structure, which is suitable for the dynamism of our team and which has the capability to act, provides us with the advantage to adapt to the changes in the shortest amount of time.

This innovative approach combined with experience is an indispensible part of our company culture.